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Our FAQ section aims to help answer questions regarding our professional modular sport surfacing flooring, with information on backyard court, tennis court construction, gym flooring, roller hockey, outdoor basketball courts, basketball hoops and much more.

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Can you construct a pickleball court in my backyard?

Pickleball courts for home backyards are becoming more and more popular, and Flex Court has answered the call by taking on pickleball court construction nationwide! If you have the right court dimensions (44' x 20') for a backyard pickleball court, then call us today for a free estimate. We can also install indoor pickleball courts, point you to the right equipment, and can easily handle almost any residential or commercial installation – depending on the court size needed and space available, of course. Contact us today for more information on an indoor/outdoor, custom-design pickleball court!

Do you do paddle tennis court construction?

Paddle tennis courts are one of our specialties, and we can do paddle tennis court construction in just a day's time! As well, we do backyard tennis courts – both paddle and standard – and can also handle installation of indoor paddle tennis courts, along with equipment, for both residential and commercial application! Call us today for a free estimate on installation of an outdoor, custom paddle tennis court, or other of our sports flooring.

Residential and commercial installation of paddle tennis courts is only one of our specialties. We offer you the customer backyard and indoor paddle tennis courts of superior quality, along with equipment like racquet sets, bags, shoes, permanent home paddle tennis play, accurate court dimension and court size appraisal, and custom outdoor sports surfaces for many activities and all skill levels.

Will your gym flooring work for both residential and commercial floor plans?

Gym flooring courtesy of Flex Court offers you interlocking gym flooring, as well as wood, wood laminate and rubber gym flooring that works perfectly as commercial or home gym flooring, should you choose quality rubber home gym flooring that holds up fantastically to wear and tear! Our multipurpose in-home sports flooring can have an optional covering, for further protection, for both residential and commercial floor plans, along with a sealant that protects the finish amazingly well.

We do in-home and commercial gym flooring resurfacing, along with a variety of sports flooring construction. The typical athletic flooring installation takes about a day's time, with our rubber home sports flooring offering you:

  • Interlocking gym flooring
  • Floor covering for extra protection
  • Residential and commercial floor plan options
  • Multi-game sports flooring that's amazingly resilient
  • A special sealant finish for further resistance to wear and tear
  • Custom Logos and Line Striping

Take advantage of special prices on all of our products, including wood and rubber gym flooring, interlocking in-home gym flooring, and all of our sports flooring, covering a wide range of popular sports. Our floors work great for basketball, tennis, badminton, volleyball, ball hockey, paddle tennis, pickleball, or any other game you plan on playing on quality gym flooring. Our floors come with a finish designed for maximum protection against the elements and foot traffic wear and tear.

Don't go with any other in-home gym flooring company. We can offer you versatile rubber home gym flooring, interlocking gym flooring, floor covering and finish for added durability, as well as all kinds of sports flooring for residential and commercial floor plans. We custom-design our installations, to your specifications, so why not come home to quality sports surfacing and equipment with Flex Court!

Can you do tennis court construction in addition to resurfacing?

Tennis courts construction is something we handle, in addition to resurfacing work, for outdoor and indoor tennis courts alike. As part of a free estimate, we measure your recreation space in order to get court dimensions, for a residential or commercial, public tennis court. We can build a quality-crafted tennis court, or do resurfacing for your current sporting surface, and, along with court repair, we can also get you the right lighting to illuminate your night matches, too!

With Flex Courts Athletics, you get quality:

  • Outdoor/Indoor tennis court construction
  • Court construction/court dimension measurements
  • Public tennis court installations
  • Resurfacing and repair
  • Lighting for night games
  • Super-durable surfaces
  • Diagramming of how your court will look
  • Tennis Nets and Equipment
  • Classic Clay Surface

For quality indoor tennis court construction, resurfacing and repair, let Worthington Valley take care of everything! We can build a public tennis court for your facility to regulation court dimensions, and also provide lighting and suggested equipment retailers. We have sport surfaces for nearly any sport needing a court, including basketball, badminton, paddle tennis, pickleball, volleyball, roller hockey, and more!

Get your private or public tennis court resurfacing or new court done by the experts in athletic courts, Flex Court! We can build a tennis court of regulation court (or any court size) dimensions in about a day's time, as well as an indoor tennis court construction with surface cover, repair and maintenance service, and lighting for night games!

Can you build a roller hockey or in-line skating court?

Roller hockey and in-line skating rink installation is something Worthington Valley can do for you, with the expertise that comes with years in the business! We can easily build you a roller skate hockey or in-line roller hockey rink, and for less than other in-line, ball hockey and roller skating court construction companies can. We use only the most up-to-date equipment for use in building rinks, and can also point you in the right direction on where to get the best goalie equipment, balls, sticks, pants, helmets and other gear!

Let Flex Court Athletics deliver you:

  • A custom-design roller skate hockey rink
  • Residential and commercial in-line skating course
  • A unique roller skate hockey rink
  • Indoor and outdoor In-line roller hockey and roller skating rinks
  • Goalie equipment and ball, wheels, and blade manufacturer listings

If you want a big-league roller skate hockey rink in your home or backyard that will allow you the most speed and aggressive play, then the trick is...a state-of-the-art roller hockey, or in-line roller skating/roller blading rink from Flex Court! We think you'll feel the changes a professionally-crafted in-line roller hockey rink can make from the top of your head to the tips of your skates! And with the right ball hockey goalie equipment, wheel "blades", and other gear, there'll be no end to the fun!

Call or contact Flex Courts online about getting a roller hockey or roller blading rink installed. Along with a custom-designed roller skate hockey or inline skating course, of course you'll need to have the right goalie equipment and other gear, like inline roller hockey balls, and the right skates, too. Make sure your hockey and skating rink experience is the best one possible – with Flex Courts Athletics!

Is it possible to put a multi-game court in my backyard?

Multi-game court construction is easy with Flex Court! We can build you a backyard Multi-game court enclosure, or an indoor Multi-game court, with fast turnaround time. Be sure you have the right equipment for the game, as well, and gear such as gloves shoes, and racquets – which will enhance your enjoyment of the game. We can easily handle both residential and commercial court construction, whether outdoor or custom-made indoor court.

Flex Court offers you:

  • Backyard Multi-game court construction
  • Indoor/outdoor court construction
  • Multi-game equipment sources
  • Custom residential and commercial installations
  • A strategy for endless Multi-game enjoyment!

Why not go with the company that understands the requirements of indoor and backyard Multi-game court construction? Flex Court aims to maximize your enjoyment of Multi-game play, whether you need a residential or commercial installation. We can custom-make an outdoor or indoor Multi-game court, and can also suggest equipment suppliers who can fix you up with all the necessary gear. There are also plenty of websites and resources that will inform you on the rules and history of the game.

Flex Court is now a leader in Multi-game court construction, and can build you a custom backyard Multi-game court, or one for indoor use. We routinely do both residential and commercial installations, using only the finest materials and equipment available. Let us build a custom outdoor or indoor Multi-game court for you, so you can take your game to the highest level possible!

How long does it take to install one of your outdoor basketball courts?

Outdoor basketball courts from Flex Court take only about a day to install! There may be site preparation that needs to be done prior as well as landscaping or hardscaping servies that could effect installation times. Our custom indoor basketball courts also take about the same time as our backyard basketball courts for installation, and as well we do residential and commercial basketball court constructions! We have multipurpose sports flooring for many types of sports and athletic exercise, and our versatile gym flooring makes building a regulation size athletic court for your home an even more attractive concept, as they can be used for lots more than hoops!

We know how to build a regulation size (94' x 50') backyard basketball court to custom specs, so call us for an estimate on what it would take to put an indoor/outdoor basketball court in your home! We have just the right commercial basketball court, sports flooring, or athletic gym flooring – hoops, backboards and all – to let you take your game to a higher level.

Flex Court Athletics offers you:

  • Highly versatile sports/gym flooring
  • Affordable indoor basketball courts
  • Quality commercial basketball courts
  • Regulation size backyard hoops courts
  • Inside/outside multi-game court flooring
  • Building a sports surface in a day's time

Call and talk to one of our helpful sales staff today, and see what kind of sports flooring or athletic gym flooring we can install for you in your home or business! Our popular indoor/outdoor basketball courts work great as backyard basketball courts or commercial basketball courts, and can be made regulation size, or custom-designed for almost any-sized recreation area. Get ready for amazing hoops action in the convenience of your own home!

What kinds of gym flooring and accessories do you carry?

Gym floors and gym flooring from Flex Court includes quality, affordable rubber gym flooring, along with accessories like mats, covers and covering that will enhance your gym flooring experience. No matter what kind of residential floor plan you may have, our wood home gym flooring, refinishing and resurfacing, tile and multipurpose sports flooring of all types are sure to elevate your game and residence to new levels of enjoyment.

We have affordable wood and rubber gym flooring, attractive mats and covers, and can provide gym flooring for residential or commercial floor plans. Our wood gym floors exhibit a nice finish, utilizing a special sealant that protects the surface from wear and tear. Our gym floors work well as multipurpose flooring for basketball, tennis, badminton and other athletic flooring, with construction and installation taking about a day's time.

We sell the following types of sports flooring and accessories for indoor and outdoor use, for both home and residential and commercial applications:

  • Basketball courts - basketball court construction - basketball hoops
  • Tennis courts - tennis court construction
  • Badminton courts
  • Wood and rubber gym flooring
  • Mats, covers, bags, racquets
  • Raquetball courts
  • Roller hockey - in-line roller skating - roller blading
  • Paddle tennis and pickleball courts
  • Hockey rink - ice courts
  • Gym Equipment - Nets, Dividers, Wall Padding, etc
  • Sports equipment accessories
  • Scoreboards

Get your quality wood and rubber gym flooring for all sports types, from Flex Court! Our sports flooring covers most all sporting activities and can fit into nearly any residential or commercial floor plan, and has a sealant covering for extra durable finish. Contact us today for a free quote on all of our goods and services!

How many types of basketball hoops do you install?

Basketball hoops offered by Flex Court include NBA regulation size and custom-designed outdoor basketball courts, big-league portable basketball hoops, and indoor basketball hoops designed to make the most of your home's recreation area. Our goal at Flex Court is to provide the best backyard sporting courts, but we also have ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted hoops and backboards for home or business use, as well as inground basketball hoops!

Installation of one of our residential/commercial outdoor basketball hoops or portable basketball hoops is easy, taking about a day or so. Whether you're looking for backyard or indoor basketball hoops, we want to help you reach your goal of having a quality home basketball court, with adjustable ceiling-mount and inground hoops and backboards for inside or outside play available and ready to go. We're experts on how to build a court flooring surface, and build to your exact specifications!

Let Flex Court take your game to higher levels, with court construction that brings you:

  • Affordable outdoor basketball hoops
  • Portable basketball hoops for maximum play
  • Ceiling-mounted indoor basketball hoops
  • Inground basketball hoops and backboards
  • Home or commercial use sports flooring and equipment
  • Closer to your goal of championship hoops action at home

Building a quality outdoor basketball hoops court takes only a day, and we can do ceiling-mount backboards, as well as inground and portable basketball hoops as well. Our goal is to give you the finest backyard and indoor basketball hoops available for your home or business. Call us today for a free consultation on getting quality sports flooring from the leaders in the industry!

Can you do installation of regulation size indoor or outdoor basketball courts?

Basketball courts of regulation size are easily installed by Flex Court! We regularly install outdoor basketball courts and indoor basketball courts of high-quality, designed for many years of maximum play! Our custom commercial and residential backyard basketball courts are designed to proper dimensional specs, as we exactly diagram your available flooring and layout for an NBA regulation size court construction for your home. Take your love of basketball hoops to new levels with court flooring from Flex Court!

Building a basketball court surface for outside play, or for indoor play is aseasy as calling the experts, Flex Court. We're proud to be able to offer you:

  • Custom outdoor basketball courts construction
  • Portable basketball courts
  • Regulation size backyard basketball courts
  • Indoor basketball courts built to exacting dimensions
  • Sports flooring, backboards and hoops for home or business
  • A diagram of how your court will look

We know how to build a regulation size basketball court to exacting specs, and our outdoor basketball courts measure exactly the dimensions of an NBA basketball court, turning your home into a place for professional-level hoops action! Our indoor basketball hoops can be custom-made to conform to any residential design diagram, just like any of our multipurpose sports flooring can. Why not call us today for a free quote on an indoor or regulation size backyard basketball court? We deliver affordable quality of athletic flooring for most any sport imaginable!

From regulation size outdoor basketball courts, to custom-made indoor basketball courts that conform to your home flooring dimensions and diagram, to portable basketball hoops and backyard basketball courts that can elevate your love of the game to new levels – Flex Court delivers the most high-end product available!

Do you do residential installation of badminton courts?

Badminton courts are easily installed in both residential and commercial areas by Flex Court! We do badminton court construction of our popular backyard badminton courts and indoor badminton courts in about a day's time, so – you get the equipment, and we'll get your residential or commercial space ready for maximum play! Our installations of outdoor and indoor, custom badminton courts are catching on, so – why not call us today for a free consultation?

Flex Court proudly offers customers:

  • Custom, affordable home badminton courts construction
  • Backyard badminton courts installation in a day
  • Indoor/outdoor badminton courts construction
  • Equipment such as racquet sets, shoes and bags
  • Accurate court dimension and court size determination
  • Sports flooring of all types, for all skill levels

We do residential and commercial badminton courts construction for those who want to take their love of the game to new levels. Entertain friends and family in style with one of our backyard badminton courts – which also do perfectly as indoor badminton courts – with custom construction, which integrates specially with your home interior or outdoor, backyard design. We can also have you outfitted with the latest equipment, as well.

Backyard badminton courts are only part of what we do. We do custom installation of residential and commercial sports flooring of all types, so we know best just how to give you the finest backyard badminton courts construction on the market! We strive to provide the utmost in quality, whether it's outdoor or indoor badminton courts, shoes, bags, racquets and other equipment, or any of our sports flooring.

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