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Outdoor Landscape Lighting

A small investment in outdoor lighting can add tremendous value to your landscape by dramatically increasing the usability of the property. Outdoor lighting is one of the premiere ways to add beauty and elegance to your home. From accenting certain structural elements of you home to focusing attention on an ornamental tree or sculpture, landscape lighting adds a certain drama.

Key reasons to install landscape lighting:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Utility
  • Beauty


Worthington Valley Landscaping always recommends that clients include lighting because it adds so many more hours of enjoyment to their landscape. Outdoor lighting greatly expands your living space and lighting up an outdoor space enables homeowners to use them more often.


SEcurity and Safety

Many customers design with their children in mind. Lighting increases safety around pools, decks, and other outdoor spaces. Additionally a well lit yard and house is a deterrent to intruders. Your family’s safety is one thing that you cannot put a price on, and with landscape lighting you are able to protect them in a way that is both professional and elegant. With your property well lit, potential thieves will be sure to avoid your house.

Lighting Techniques


Up lighting is probably one of the most commonly used options, which provides a dramatic result. The light is placed in the ground and the light beam is directed upwards. Although up lighting can be used in a number of instances, you would see it most often for shrubs and trees. Because of the way this lighting works, it can take an ordinary tree and make it look spectacular.


With this technique, the light shines within shrubs and trees and are then angled so the light beam shines in a downward position. The result is a soft appearance that enhances both home and tree or shrub while also opening up the area with light, which is nice for security purposes. If you have a larger yard, moonlighting is an excellent solution.

Path Lighting

Using low-impact shielded lights facing down to the ground or paths to add safety, security and visibility for walking is often called path lighting. Path landscape lighting evenly and clearly lights pathways, walkways and water elements like ponds and waterfalls while avoiding glare.

Step & Deck Lighting

An easy way to bring your deck to life eat night is with specialized step and deck lighting. Fixtures can be installed beneath benches, as recessed lights, in risers of steps, as well as on the balusters of a railing.

Spotlighting or Down lighting

Typically a floodlight installation attached to your home, floodlighting can illuminate an entire yard easily. They can also be mounted on trellises, gazebos and mature trees.